Our goal in creating this website is to pass on to our children and grandchildren a legacy of our family history that might well have been lost. I wish to acknowledge and give thanks to all the people who have shared their Walker and related families information so it could be placed here to help other researchers.
IN MEMORIAM: DUCK, Francis Earl - Suddenly on February 21st, 2014 at the Norfolk General Hospital in his 79th year. Loving and best friend of his wife, Marjorie (nee Utman). Devoted father of sons Bill and Bob (Christa) and daughter Lori. Grandfather of Emily and Bradley. He will be missed by his brother Danny (Camilla) and predeceased by his brother Gordon. Also predeceased by his father Gordon and by his mother Mary Beeley (Ed). Brother-in-law of John and Eileen Chesney. He will be sadly missed by his many nieces, nephews, aunts and uncles.
PERSONAL NOTE: Francis Duck, who worked tirelessly to help locate sources in Canada passed away in February. We had developed a close albeit distant relationship with Frank and his wife Marjorie. The majority of the Ontario Walker information in Ontario is due to his hard work. Fortunately we had traveled to Ontario the previous October to research at yet another source Frank had found but it was still a sad shock to hear of his death so soon after our visit. Frank you will be missed.
The transcriptions of conversations, from books and maps that are listed on this site are copies from the original works by the authors and should be viewed as such. All information concerning deceased individual(s) names are public record and as such will be posted. Any individual(s), still living, will not have their addresses, telephone numbers or email addresses posted unless they have given their consent. It has always been our goal to provide all this information freely to any of the family members who are interested. Unfortunately, I have been informed that portions of the information here are being posted, out of context, on "for profit" sites and being attributed to me and this website as the source. Therefore, any reproduction of the information on this website for profit, or other then private use only, is prohibited.
If you have any corrections or additions to any of these families please email me directly at the address shown on the bottom of each page. NOTE: I have received quite a few emails from people asking for additional information about our family. However, when I try to respond to their email it is blocked from getting return mail. Make sure the email address you send your request from can be replied to. Thank you.

DNA Participant Contact: W.R. Walker -
HISTORICAL NOTE: Alamance County, NC was originally part of Orange County, NC, the county immediately to the east. Alamance County was officially proclaimed a county in April of 1849. The boundary to the north finds Caswell County, south is Chatham County, and west is Guilford County. There is little information on William Walker. He owned property on Hogans Creek. Hogans Creek is in Rockingham County, NC, and flows in a northeasterly direction through that county and Caswell County until it empties into the Dan River. That area is on the far western edge of Orange County as it existed in 1769. Walker also named, as his executor, John Robertson, whose name matches that of a man known to have lived on Country Line Creek since 1761. What this means is that Walker lived in an area that today is the southeastern corner of Rockingham County, North Carolina.
11. William W. Walker, I.
10. William W. Walker, II b.1700 Ireland d.1769 Orange Co., NC m.abt.1734 Ireland, (unknown).
LAST WILL AND TESTIMENT: 1769 ORANGE COUNTY NC WILL BOOK A, pgs 101-102: Will Of William Walker:
In The Name Of Good Amen the 24th Day of March / 1769 I, William Walker of the County of Orange Yeom: Being Weak of Body but in perfect mind and memory thanks be given to God therefore Calling to Mind the Mortality of my Body Knowing that it is appointed for all men once to Die do make and ordain this my last Will and Testament that is to say Principally, and first of all I give & Recomend my Soul into the hands of God that give it, and as for my Body I recomend it to the Earth to be Buried in a Christian Like and Decent Manner to the Discreation of my Executors, Nothing Doubting But the General Resurrection I shall receive the Same again By the Almighty Power of God and as touching such worldly Estate wherewith it hath pleased God to bless me with in this Life, I devise give and Bequeath and dispose of the same in the following manner and form, it is my Will and I do Order that in the first Place all my Just Debts and funeral Charges be paid and Satisfied, And I do Order that John Robertson and John Corry shall be my Executors
Item I do Give and Bequeath to my well beloved wife the thord of all my Estate which is a mear and a Cow for a Shot [Shoat?] I have None
Item I do give to my well beloved Son James Walker Two Dollars.
Item I do give and bequeath to my well beloved son John Walker Ten Pounds he Received in Pensalvania and Twenty Pounds in North Carolina and what Cattel he Received
Item I do give and bequeath to my well beloved sons William, Abraham & Alexand Equal divide of all the Money and Chattles att my Decease the place that William Lived on is his one only The one half of the said Tract the East end belongeth to Abraham and the tract on Hogan's Creek Belongeth to Alexander
William Walker (his mark)
John Correy (Jur.) (his mark)
Shusana T Corry (her mark)
Orange County July Court 1769
The Execution of the within Will is Proved in Open Court by John Corry one of the Subscribing Witnesses thereto, and Ordered to be Recorded. Test P. Nash
Children are:
9. Phillip Walker b.abt.1735 Ireland d.abt.1795 Orange Co., NC m.abt.1767 Orange Co., NC, (unknown) Connally.

9. John Walker b. 29 Dec 1737 Ireland d. 2 Dec 1809 Orange Co., NC m.1756 Ireland, Nancy Ashford b. 13 Dec 1725/1738 Ireland d. 13 Oct 1796 Orange Co, NC.

9. James Walker b.abt.1740 Ireland d.abt.1802 Caswell Co., NC m., Ann (unknown).
Page 4.

9. William Walker b.1743 Ireland d.1819 Grimsby Twp., Lincoln Co., Ontario 1st m.1767, Sarah (Unknown) b.1746 d.1806 Grimsby Twp., Lincoln Co., Ontario. William 2nd m.aft.1806 Grimsby Twp., Lincoln Co., Ontario, Elizabeth Baldwin b.1762 d.1817 Grimsby Twp., Lincoln Co., Ontario.

9. Abraham Walker b. abt.1745 Ireland.

9. Alexander Walker b.abt.1746 Ireland.
CEMETERY: Cross Roads Presbyterian Church Cemetery, 3302 N. NC 119 Hwy., Mebane, Alamance Co., NC:
Section 1:
026 Walker, John G. 25 Aug 1803 - 13 Dec 1879, "Blessed are they who sleep in the Lord, With us their names shall live, Through long succeding years, Embalmed with all our hearts can give, Our praises and our tears"
027 Walker, Parthenie 27 Nov 1805 - 11 Mar 1878, Wife of John G. Walker
028 Walker, Mary Ann 26 Mar 1812 - 30 Oct 1871, Wife of John G Walker, "Funeral services conducted by Rev. A G Hughes from this text, selected by the deceased. "But one thing is needful but Mary hath chosen that good part which shall not be taken away from her."
029 Walker, John G. 10 Sep 1812 - 2 Feb 1888, Aged 75 y "Who was a member of this church 59 years, ruling elder 34 years", "A precious one from us is gone, A voice we love is stilled, A place is vacant in our home, Which never can be filled, God in his wisdom has recalled, The heart his love had given, And though the body moulders here, The soul is safe in Heaven"
030 Walker, Nancy Cathren 3 Dec 1837 - 8 Oct 1905, Wife of John G Walker "Gone but not forgotten, Beloved one farewell",
--- Walker, Olive Jones 19 Dec 1895 - 19 Mar 1984, Wife of Joseph Gabriel Walker "She kept the path"
--- Lea, Gabriel 9 Dec 1783 - 3 Oct 1871, Aged 87 y, 9 ms, 24 ds.
--- Walker, Gabriel Lea 29 Mar 1854 - 6 Mar 1905
--- Walker, Mary Elizabeth 16 Dec 1897 - 17 May 1934, Dau. of Gabriel L. Walker and Ida B. Walker
033 Walker, Freeman 4 Nov 1807 - 25 Dec 1878, "At rest"
036 Walker, James M. 29 Feb 1864, Son of W A & S T Walker "Aged 20 yrs. 2 ms. 14 ds"
037 Walker, Barbara 17 Sep 1851 - 23 Feb 1923, "Not Forgotten"
038 Walker, Parthenia 28 Feb 1815 - 24 Jun 1888, Wife of Freeman Walker "She has done what she could"
039 Walker, John Wellons 3 Sep 1862, Son of W A & S T Walker, "Aged 5 yrs, 10 ms, 13 ds", "Weep not dear parents, Disturb not my rest, My Saviour has called me, He loved me the best"
051 Walker, Celia 9 Mar 1801 - 7 Sep 1821, "AE 20 yrs. 5 m"
084 Walker, John 19 Mar 1770 - 7 Jun 1846
085 Walker, Jennet 27 Nov 1773 - 16 Mar 1810, "AE 36 ys. & 3 Ms"
086 Walker, Jane 1771 - 25 Jul 1843
087 Walker, Aaron (no date) - 11 Feb 1833, "In memory of... Aged 61 Year"
088 Walker, Sarah 27 Jan 1779 - 6 Nov 1843
092 Walker, Nancey (no date) - 11 Apr 1843, "In memory of..."
093 Walker, Christian 5 Apr 1814 - 10 May 1842, Walker, Effie Nicks 5 Mar 1894 - 9 Dec 1977
094 Walker, Frances 30 Jun 1841 - 4 Jun 1842
097 Walker, Aaron J. 9 Aug 1833 - 23 Feb 1853, "In memory of", Walker, Ann Kearns 1933 - 1998 "In loving memory"
106 Walker, George 14 Jun 1779 - 8 Feb 1816, "In memory of..."
108 Walker, Catherine 4 Aug 1794 - 3 Feb 1816, "In memory of... Aged 21 yr. & 6 m."
158 Walker, Joshua 24 Jul 1789 - 28 May 1824, "In memory of..."
160 Walker, Rachel 1790 - 21 Jan 1868, Wife of Joshua Walker
163 Walker, Josh 5 Apr 1820, "AE 1 yr. 7 m"
190 Walker, Nancy 13 Oct 1796 AE (no age given) yrs. Plaque between Nancy and John's graves: Born and married in Ireland. First Walkers to come to America. Parents of 11 boys. Nancy's was the first marked grave in cemetery."
191 Walker, John (no date) - 29 Mar 1810, "AE 73 yrs"
197 Walker, John (no date) - 26 Nov 1811
196 Walker, Elizabeth (no date) - 7 Feb 1809
201 Walker, Wm J. 28 May 1845 - 2 Sep 1880, "In memory of... a beloved elder of this church" "Blessed are the dead which die in the Lord"
202 Walker, Jefferson D. 20 Apr 1861 - 24 Apr 1880, "Remember youth as you pass by, As you are now so once was I, As I am now, so soon will you be, So prepare for death come follow me."
213 Walker, Irma 26 Jun 1894 - 21 Jan 1952
216 Walker, Sarah Jane 6 Mar 1850 - 17 Jul 1922, "Thy memory shall ever be a guiding star to heaven"
217 Walker, Lucinda J. 27 Jan 1819 - 6 May 1893, Wife of Garrison Walker "She hath done what she could"
218 Walker, Garrison 1 Aug 1814 - 17 Apr 1890

Section 2:
334 Walker, Rachel Vincent 8 Jul 1853 - 25 Apr 1927, Wife of William J. Walker (in plot with Iola Walker born 20 Oct 1879 and died 31 Oct 1960)
--- Walker, Martha A.J. born 1862 died (too worn to read).
005 Walker, Benjamin Franklin 15 Jan 1856 - 1 Feb 1902
006 Walker, Bettie Henry 10 May 1864 - 11 Mar 1937
010 Walker, Ben [obit] 12 Oct 1916 - 18 Jan 1923, Son of M S & Maud Walker
011 Walker, Maud 11 Feb 1891 - 15 May 1919, Wife of M S Walker "Sometime we'll understand"
012 Walker, infant 8/18/1915, Son of M S & Maud Walker, Walker, Iola 20 Oct 1879 - 31 Oct 1960.
050 Walker, Robert Garrison 1 Nov 1865 - 17 Feb 1917"Father", Walker Ida Aldridge 18 Feb 1869 - 21 Jun 1904 "Mother" "They are not lost but gone before", Walker, Ruth S. 6 Sep 1918 - 10 Sep 2001, "Departed this life", Walker, Sallie Florance 13 Feb 1895 - 28 Feb 1983
051 Walker, Ida Aldridge 18 Feb 1869 - /21 Jun 1904, Wife of Robert G Walker
--- Anderson, J.R. 1 May 1859 - 18 Nov 1933 "Father", his Wife, Walker, R. Susan 21 Jun 1858 - 3 Apr 1923 "Mother"
065 Walker, Joseph G, Rev. 13 Apr 1889 - 26 Jul 1945, "He lived the Gospel he proclaimed"
066 Walker, Elizabeth 16 Dec 1897 - 17 May 1934
067 Walker, Ida Theresa Bason 20 Sep 1855 - 24 Jul 1924, Wife of G L Walker "In thy presence is future life of joy"
068 Walker, Gabriel Lea 29 Mar 1854 - 6 Mar 1905
069 Walker, Harvey Currie 17 Feb 1893 - 23 Jul 1957, Pfc Co. M 321 Inf. WW I , Walker, Hazel Fox 1924 - 1985 "Mother"
070 Walker, Sarah Lou 20 Dec 1927 - 30 Nov 1930, Dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Harvey C Walker

Section 4:
011 Walker, Laura J. 15 May 1849 - 27 Aug 1888, Dau. of Dr. B B & M C Walker
012 Walker, Mary C. 12 Mar 1823 - 25 Dec 1891, Wife of Dr. B. B. Walker
013 Walker, B. B., Dr. 17 Nov 1815 - 28 Jan 1885, "In memory of ... A true husband, a good father, a physician of remarkable credit, and above all, a most sincere & devoted "Christian"
014 Walker, Mary E. 16 Aug 1864 - 7 Oct 1862, Dau. of Dr. B B & M C Walker
015 Walker, Emma C. 15 Apr 1858 - 11 Oct 1862, Dau. of Dr. B B & M C Walker
047 Walker, Sarah 11 Sep 1820 - 3 Aug 1853
048 Walker, Infant "In memory of infant of John Walker"
049 Walker, Infant "In memory of infant of John Walker"
050 Walker, Margaret L . 22 Aug 1841 - 15 Jul 1850, "In memory of ...", Walker, Mark Smith 30 Mar 1887 - 14 Jul 1978, Walker Effie Nicks 5 Mar 1894 - 9 Dec 1977
066 Walker, James C. Doctor 19 Sep 1815 - 12 Oct 1844, "Sacred to the memory of Doctor James C. Walker who was born in Caswell Co. the 19th day of September, 1815 and died in Rockingham Co. on the 12th day Oct. 1844. He completed his classical education at the University of North Carolina in June 1838 and the degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred upon him by the University of Pennsylvania on the 12th day of April 1844. This marble marks the spot where repose his mortal remains. His superior medical attainments, his amiable and social qualities are deeply engraved on the memory and affections of all who knew him whilst a life of rectitude governed exclusively by the precepts of the Bible affords the most confident assurance that his spirit redeemed and regenerated-----"
067 Walker, Levi, M. D. 1 Feb 1798 - 1 Sep 1844 "Sacred to the memory of Levi Walker, M.D. Born in the Co. of Orange, N. C. Feb 1, 1798 and died in the Co. of Caswell Sept. 1, 1844. Aged 46 years & 7 months. In the spring of 1826 the degree of Doctor of Medicine was conferred on him by the University of Pennsylvania. After which time he returned and settled himself in the County of Caswell where he lived beloved and died lamented."
068 Walker, Harriet 19 Apr 1824 - 7 Sep 1844, "In memory of ... Aged 19 Yrs. 4 mo. & 19 days"
069 Walker, Hugh 13 Dec 1776 - 30 Jan 1845
093 Walker, Jane Ann 16 Oct 1791 - 20 Jul 1852, "In memory of... The months of her affiction are ended, The days and the nights of her distress, We see her in anguish no more, She has gained her happy release"
094 Walker, James 5 Jan 1784 - 14 Jun 1860, "In memory of ... Aged 76 yrs. 5 mo. & 17 days", "2 Cor. 4 Chap. 11 verse"

CEMETERY: Walker Family Cemetery, Haywood County, Tennessee
Walker Ashford 27 Sep 1781 - 23 May 1863
Walker Elizabeth, age 18, 1 Dec 1812
Walker James M. 8 May 1810 - 29 Nov 1882
Walker Martha A. Aug 1812 - stone broken

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